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Energizing - Herbal Tea
Energizing - Herbal Tea - Long Dog Tea Co.

Energizing - Herbal Tea

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Standard Size-About 60 servings

3oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Minature Size -About 20 Servings

1oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Jump start your day with a stimulating blend of herbs and tea leaves to help you get your day started with a burst of energy.

The energizing tea blend uses natural ingredients to provide you a boost of energy. Many have switched from coffee to tea using this type of blend to help get rid of the coffee jitters and burn out.

We also recommend our Sleep Time Tea before bed to help calm and encourage a restful sleep for when it's been a long day.


Siberian ginseng (eleuthero), yerba mate, dried spearmint, and orange rooibos. 

Tasting Notes

Lemon and grassy notes. Has a refreshing and clean taste.


Very High

Liquor (Liquid Color)

Slightly yellow


Steeping Guide

Long Dog Tea Co. herbal tea Steeping Guide



This is just a guide. Play around with steeping times and amount to suit your taste buds.

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