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Zhen Mei - Green Tea
Zhen Mei - Green Tea - Long Dog Tea Co.

Zhen Mei - Green Tea

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Standard Size-About 60 servings

3oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Minature Size -About 20 Servings

1oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Zhen Mei is variety of green tea nicknamed “Precious Eyebrow Tea” because of its resemblance to the eyebrows of a beautiful woman. The leaves are hand rolled in a traditional fashion and pan fired. This requires great skill since the final tea is considered a work of art.

Tasting Notes

Very aromatic tea with an earthy flavor, and a bitterness which transitions into a sweet aftertaste.


Chun Mee type China Green tea from the Anhui province. 


Low Caffeine Level (10% less than coffee)

Liquor (Liquid Color)

Yellow- green color

Read about the benefits of green tea here.


Steeping Guide

Long Dog Tea Co. Green tea Steeping Guide



This is just a guide. Play around with steeping times and the amount of tea to suit your taste buds.