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We are Long Dog Tea Co. We sell an abundance of whole leaf tea blends so we are sure to find one you like. However, we hope to help you find something you love!

Long Dog Tea Co. About us

Who Are We?

We are a small, local business located in the Racing Capital of the World, Speedway, IN. As well as supporting relaxation, we support dog shelters, rescues, and non-profit organizations.

Long Dog Tea Co. is an online retailer offering loose leaf teas, accessories and tea inspirations delivered to your door. 

Wake up and smell the tea. Our micro-blended, handcrafted teas makes it easy to pause your busy day and take a breather. Refresh you senses and enhance your well-being with any of our teas.

The Inspiration

Inspiration for Long Dog Tea Co. comes from a love of tea and our four miniature dachshunds. In our house anytime is tea time. 

We do not sell any items we have not tried ourselves. We have visited our blenders and packers to ensure quality and food safety are their priorities. Long Dog Tea is blended and packed in Indiana. 

Whole leaf tea is something that isn’t really found in our local grocery stores. Whole leaf teas allow the tea leaves to fully expand for a full-bodied flavor.

Most tea bags are packed using tea dust from broken tea leaves. Basically the "leftovers" of processing. Our whole leaf teas will give you a better experience while giving you a more full flavor and aroma unlike the tea dust in most industrial packed tea.

The CEO and founder, Kandice, is a food safety auditor by day. She travels around to food manufacturing facilities to ensure our food is being made safely and up to standard.

This all started when she began drinking green tea every morning for a health boost. Then she visited London for an internship and that's where the obsession for tea took off. Now she drinks tea as much as she can every day. If you ever spot her in the airport just ask to take a look at her tea collection in her travel bag.

"It's totally their fault! They just kept asking every hour if I would like a cuppa. And I kept saying yes! Tea has become an integral part of my life and continues to be a key component of my daily regimen. Preparing and sipping on tea through out the day has become almost therapeutic for me. I am so glad I can share my love and all the benefits tea has to offer.

- Kandice.

 The Dachshund Clan

Dachshunds Eating
                              Rocky, Copper, Luna and Piper.
Which one do you identify with? Which is like your dog?

Try and catch the Long Dog Family out for a walk or making deliveries. Stop us and say hello to get lots of puppy kisses.


Long Hair Dachshund in Chair Luna is quite the adventurer. She is always exploring whether shes in a new place or in her own backyard. She is very personable. She will demand attention from any new person that walks through the door. Luna is the alpha of the dachshund pack.                              Favorite tea if she could drink it: Energizing

Blonde Long Hair Dachshund Piper




Piper is very unique. She enjoys stealing shoes and socks to hoard. She is quite the whiner if you're not petting her or throwing a toy for her.  She constantly wants to play fetch but won't actually chase it. Piper enjoys her sleep and even puts herself to bed around 8:30pm where she burrows deep under the blankets.  

Favorite tea if she could drink it: Sleepy Time



Rocky and Copper are two senior rescue dogs. They came together from an unknown background. They were only supposed to stay with us until they found a home, but several years later they are a part of the family and take up all of the space in the bed.

Short Hair Black Dachshund Costume Cowboy RockyRocky used to be severely obese. He had a callus from where his belly used to drag the ground. He did not like his new diet and would let you know when it was exactly 5pm so you remember to feed him. He was very protective of his favorite human. RIP Rocky 2018.

Dachshund Copper Superman CostumeCopper is easy going. Copper loves chasing his tail and demolishing squeakers. Sadly, he is going blind and will run the opposite direction when you throw a toy. He also sounds like he has been smoking a pack a day his whole life when he barks or whines. Copper loves to find the smallest space possible next to you and some how fit there.      Favorite tea if he could drink it: Sleepy Time



If you have any questions or comments just take a moment to contact us.