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Mountain Oolong - Long Dog Tea Co.
Mountain Oolong - Long Dog Tea Co.

Mountain Oolong

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Standard Size-About 60 servings

3oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Minature Size -About 20 Servings

1oz pouch of loose leaf tea.

Our Mountain Oolong (Ti Kuan Yin) is the perfect balance between the fresh-grassiness of green tea and the simple complexity of black tea.  The blend is comprised of very large, uncut well-twisted whole leaves.

It has been said that Ti Kuan Yin oolong teas are at first bitter, then sweet and finishes with a fragrance that will linger on your palate.


High elevation, semi oxidized oolong tea

Tasting Notes

Earthy with hints of orchid like flavors.



Liquor (Liquid Color)

Bright Yellow

Read our Beginners Guide to Oolong Tea if you're unfamiliar with Oolong

Steeping Guide

Long Dog Tea Co. oolong tea Steeping Guide



This is just a guide. Play around with steeping times and the amount of tea to suit your taste buds.